What is internship and what are its benefits to graduates and undergraduates? In this article, you will find the answers to these questions. 

Internship in a simple term refers to a period of work experience for a particular career in which the trainee works for a government organization, company or other agencies for a fixed period of time. It is a period where an intern will gain skills and working experience for a particular career.

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The duration for internship may range from a month to a year. Internship programmes may be for undergraduates/students or for graduates. During this period of time, the intern will have to practice what they learnt while in school in real life and will have to make use of the skills they acquired during their undergraduate training.

Internships may be voluntary or paid depending on the nature of internship or for a certain career. Students who studied medical or allied medical related courses in the university are confined to a compulsory one year internship programme after graduation. This is a criteria that must be fulfilled before moving further into your career. It is a necessary prerequisite for being allowed to go for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme which is compulsory for all graduate in Nigeria.

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During internship for medical graduates, the interns will be working under the supervision of a senior medical or health officer of that particular department.

For other courses that do internships, it may be done during the undergraduate training in a tertiary institution. The internship programme might be organized by the school for its students or students are urged to go for an industrial attachment fondly known as I.T.

For the Doctors( Medical and Dental Doctors) MBBS and BDS respectively, their internship training is also known as Housemanship. During this period of Housemanship, the graduate doctors will work under the supervision of a senior doctor.

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Below are the advantages of taking part or enrolling for an internship programme.

Gaining Working Experience

Internship programme helps interns to get a variety of working experiences in their particular field of endeavor. It is from here that they are set to face the world of their career.

Gaining Skills and Expertise 

Yeah, Internships helps graduates to gain more skills in their particular field. We all know that there are many ways to solve a particular problem, so during internship, the intent will discover new ways to solve a particular problem and this will increase their professional skills and make them good in their field.

Let’s take for example a doctor during its undergraduate training in a university may have learnt only one method of administering intramuscular injection and the site for the injection is located at the dorsogluteal muscles of the buttocks. However, they were taught other sites of administering the injection, but may not have practically done it. But during housemanship (internship), the doctor will have to practice what was theoretically learnt in medical school in real life, having to inject a patient in other intramuscular sites of the body like the vastus lateralis muscle of the thigh, ventrogluteal muscle of the hip and the deltoid muscle of the arm. This may be done under the supervision of a senior doctor who will supervise the whole process. The doctor will then gain more skills and eventually become an expert in the administration of drugs using the intramuscular sites of the body.

Career Mentorship 

Mentorship is one of the importance of doing an internship programme. During internship, an intern may be opportune to meet a mentor for his career. The mentor may be a senior worker or staff or a senior doctor or consultant (for medical internships). A career mentor will guide you through most of the issues you are facing in your career making it easy to scale through much faster.

Help setup a career goal

Internship programmes can help interns to know their career goals. We know a particular career may consists of two or more departments or specialties. During internship, the intern may get to be interested in working with a particular department that triggers his/her interest or goals. Let’s take for instance a hospital setting may have an obstetrics and gynecology department, surgery department, oral medicine department and so on. The doctor during housemanship may pick interest in any of these departments and may choose to go for an extra training in order to specialize in a particular field. This being done, will set up a career goal for the doctor.

Building of self confidence 

Internship helps build self confidence. The intern will develop boldness to face the world after completion of internship. Reason being that the intern had face real working experience and conditions during the internship period. This will make him or her used to the working condition of a real life company, organization or institution.

Getting a permanent Job 

Internship programmes can help secure a permanent job for an intern. Let’s say for instance the intern was working well or during the time of his or her internship programme, the intern made positive impact on the organization or place he or she was working at, he/she may get an opportunity to be placed for a permanent Job in the company or organization. The intern may also get personal favors because he/she knows the people working there so it may be easier for him/her to get a permanent job there. These people know you and what you can offer, so it is easy for them to recommend you for an open position for a job.

Rekindling the spirit of Professionalism

Internship will make you know more about your career and expose you to the do’s and don’t of your career. You will get to know the ethics of profession guiding your career. You will be bounded by a certain ethics or professional guidelines thereby working by the standard setup by the career board.

So these are the benefits of internships for graduates. Beyond all reasonable doubt, the importance of internships cannot be underestimated for a career faced graduate or individual. 

I hope you find this article useful. 



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